About Iconique Studio

Iconique Studio is a team of talented designers, architects, artists and epicureans who are devoted to creating long-lasting experiences and unique spaces through meticulous detail and creativity.

Founded by Adriana Schor, Iconique Studio highlights everyday spaces and experiences through bespoke designs.

A deep appreciation for tradition and the history of places as well as a keen eye for the most exquisite pieces of contemporary art allow the Studio to think and design each project as a place for living and sharing in harmony.

Based in Paris, Iconique Studio works worldwide and focuses primarily on high-end hotel, commercial and residential projects.

Iconique Studio is also developing as a multi-faceted brand through product design and collaborations.


About The Founder

Adriana Schor, founder and director of Iconique Studio, is a true citizen of the world. Raised between France and the United States and having also lived in London and Sydney, she creates vibrant and sophisticated environments ranging from the worlds of hospitality to commercial and luxurious residential spaces.

With a keen interest in stories, tradition and identity, she creates concepts that exude elegance, a different point of view and a unique signature. Textures, materials, colours and patterns are just some of the tools used to curate experiences that are both memorable and steeped in elegance.

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